Meet Vipul Sharan, the young man whose experiences and observations turned him to take up a mission to make Indian youth skillful. He left his lucrative job as a Software Engineer and plunged into action.

Patna based Vipul Sharan; founder of Skill Minds Foundation is mobilizing the youth skill force in Bihar and expanding his training to other places too. Speaking to News Minute, Vipul said, I am trying to solve the problem of poverty in our society. The ambition of my startup is to maximize and find a solution to unemployment issues in our society. I have done an extensive root cause analysis of the unemployment issue. I found 3 different answers in different methods. The top 3 causes of unemployment are Quality Education, Skill Development, and Less Job Opportunities. So, I have decided to solve these 3 basic problems from ground level”.

Vipul-2-1-300x288 Young Man, in his mission to make India Skillful

The experiences, which changed his life to take up, this mission started while he was in school. Vipul is from Makar a village in Chapra district of Bihar, where he found that his classmates often bunk their classes giving excuses regarding attending government schools and lack of quality education. He then started a campaign in his school to eradicate that line of thought and to prompt students to utilize their qualities in the best manner possible. Soon after, things changed and the number of students bunking school gradually reduced. It was Vipul’s first experience with this situation, which also gave him hope that he has the power within him to mobilize and bring change in his own way.

Later after completing his school and college, the same rat race traditional of job hunt followed him. He found it difficult to secure a  job and realized that he lacked certain skills. As he says, “I found that my college was unable to provide on campus placements. So, I had  find jobs on my own through off campus job opportunities. I was rejected by several companies 16 times in a row, continuously. Meanwhile, I started analyzing my shortcomings in this series of failed interviews, and I finally found the answer to my problems. I was not adept in English, as I was a HINDI medium student from a village in Bihar. I started following English communication improvement channels and my 17th attempt at a job interview turned out positive. It was the result of my self-motivation and continuous preparations. So, I realized that many other students are also failing under these similar circumstances”.

Vipul-2-1-300x288 Young Man, in his mission to make India Skillful
Skill Minds Foundation

After 10 long years when he visited his school again, he found the same problem is on the rise, where students do not attend classes, it is then that he decided that would dedicate his life to campaign against this practice of avoiding education and schooling.

So far Vipul and his team have reached out to more than 20 Schools and universities in Bihar and 7 corporates. Their target is to reach out to 50 schools and universities within this year. They have trained around 100-150 individuals (for work) and 1000-1500 understudies have gone along with us for preparation.

Skill Minds Foundation presently is running a campaign on the eve of Independence Day for planting a tree and naming it as  “TIRANGE WALA PAUDHA”  (tri-colored plant). Please participate in this noble cause and show your support by tweeting the pictures and moments on social media using the hash tag #TirangeWalaPaudha between 9:15 to 9:30am on 15th August 2017.

The road to destiny may be far, but the zeal with which Indian Youth like Vipul are on a march, they are certainly going to reach their destination sooner or later.



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