Book Review: Two Saints by Arun Shourie

Two Saints

Book: Two Saints

Author: Arun Shourie

Publisher: Harper Collins

Pages: 428 Pages

Price: 699/- INR

It is always said and known that, where the reasoning of science ends, spirituality begins. Spiritual seeker and author Arun Shourie and political scientist have done an extensive research citing examples and anecdotes from the life to spiritual giants Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa and Ramana Maharishi in the Book – Two Saints, Speculations around and about Ramakrishna Paramhamsa and Ramana Maharshi.

Both the saints lived a very normal and simple life, though they are fully aware of their spiritual power, which they never used for their own selfish gains rather used them for the welfare of the humanity. The intense Spiritual practice, which both the saints underwent, took a heavy toll to their own physical body and both suffered with Cancer towards the end of life.

In a chapter of the book, on the relationship between mind, brain and body. The author argues, neuroplasticity enables the alteration of the brain due to certain practices including the exclusion of sensory inputs, ‘worldly’ relationships and the development of ‘longing’ for a single, exclusive object—“for seeing the Mother, or for realizing the ‘Self’. He cites example from the experiments about hypnosis, placebo surgery, Parkinson’s disease, cancer, to show how the mind acts over the body, exercising control over seemingly complex medical properties.

In the conclusion we can say these changes are not occurring merely in the imagination but have ‘real consequences’ inside the brain with certain physiological results. There must be an affect of every action we do, which is significantly mentioned as Karma. Certainly the whole body is a laboratory for a soul to experiment from and be liberated forever.



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