Say No To Paper Cups

By Puja Garodia Somani

Tea and Coffee we consume a day gradually leads to falling of trees disturbing the natural resources around the globe we live in, it may sound surprising for most of us but this a reality. Let me tell you elaborately, on a normal working day in office we drinks atleast 2 cups of coffee, which in office setup are served in paper cups.

If we count, we’ll find that in a year the used paper cups and water used for making tea or coffee, we knowingly or unknowingly become the reason behind cutting of 0.2 trees and waste 475 liters of water by doing so, we also add to 3.6 Kilogram of waste in the landfills in one year.

This wastage of environmental resources may not be visible in large scale, but we are wasting the natural resources for our personal benefit, which we in fact could have easily saved by making a little change.

If we take a small decision not to use paper cups rather could carry a re-usable coffee mug in office daily and would make a promise to drink all beverage in our personal mug, thereby we can save by not contributing to global warming.

We could have comfortably brought a Re-usable coffee mug in office and could have drank my beverage in my personal mug but I chose to use the paper cups. I am guilty of contributing to global warming. By doing using our own mug, we may waste 5 minutes a day from our official work in washing the mug twice but on the contrary if we look at in a bigger way, we are contributing in keeping our environment good.

Sir/Madam, if I would have used a coffee mug, I might would have wasted 5 minutes a day in washing the cup twice. I saved my organisation such 5 minutes at the cost of our environment. I am guilty of not looking at the bigger picture.

I am a working professional working with financial sector and I myself have tried to follow the golden rules of using own mug for drinking coffee or any beverages. But by doing so I believe I alone cannot bring the change, but there are many employees across India who are working in different sectors and who may also feels the way I do, guilty of harming the environment.

If we make a little promise to ourselves individually and try to bring this little change in our respective offices. Think the wonder, we can contribute to our Mother earth and If your organization is already using reusable cups, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for saving our environment.

The author of this article, Puja Garodia Somani is the founder of Shakti (Sharing Happiness Around through Knowledge, Time and Ideas) which is a registered Trust. Their focus area is to connect people/organizations who want to contribute towards a better India to the people who are deprived. It’s a tailor made service where organizations associate with them for their CSR activities and Individuals seek out help for their ISR activites and volunteering opportunities. In addition to this, they also organize monthly events for aged people and kids residing in shelter homes. You can check out their website and follow their Facebook page and be a part whenever you want to. For more details on Shakti


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