1. Buddha Poornima

Buddha Poornima is celebrated as Buddha Day or Vesak and is observed as a public holiday in many countries. The day is not only is marked as the Birthday of Buddha but his ‘Enlightenment’ and ‘Death’ too. The day celebrates the founding Buddhist believes – Karuna and Ahimsa.

2. History and Origin

History and Origin

The decision to celebrate Vesak as Buddha Poornima was taken at the first conference of the World Fellowship of Buddhists held in Sri Lanka in 1950. However, it took another 49 years for the United Nations to declare it as an important day. It was in 1999, that it was announced as a day of Celebration at workplaces and the UN headquarters in NYC.

3. The importance of the day

The importance of the day

Buddha Poornima is also called as Vesak because it is celebrated in the month of ‘Baisakh’ or ‘Vaisakha’ month. The term “Purnima” refers to the full moon in the Sanskrit Language. Buddha Purnima is celebrated in the month of May, on the day of the full moon. The celebration day and date is very ‘country-centric’ and in special cases, such that of a Leap Year, Buddha Poornima is also observed in the month of June.

4. Significance of Lanterns

Significance of Lanterns

Lanterns play a key role in Buddha’s Day celebrations. In Sri Lanka, people use colourful electric lanterns, whilst in South Korea, people use lotus shaped lanterns. The significance of making use of lanterns is both happiness and enlightenment. It signifies the happiness that comes from within as a person becomes mindful.

5. May Full Moon

May Full Moon

The May full moon will fall on the 10th / 11th of this month in the water sign of the Scorpio. This full moon holds extremely powerful and potent energies. As the last month’s pink moon was all about letting go, this full moon will be about showing results.

6. Scorpio Energy

Scorpio Energy

The Scorpion energy is all about transformation and reaching higher levels of consciousness. It also marks another turning point in your lives and will be the day to make major decisions in your life. In fact, this May full moon has the potential to make you attain the divine level of consciousness. But it also has the potential to make you fall on the low-level consciousness too,

7. Consciousness Spectrum

Consciousness Spectrum

It doesn’t really matter where you fall in the ‘consciousness spectrum’, it is very likely that you will see this Full Moon leaving a major impact on your life. In addition, this day will also mark a new level of consciousness for you that will help you see the things in different light.

8. The Shift

The Shift

Full Moon is all about completion. Some aspect of life hs to be evolved, closed or to be taken to the next level. The Scorpio is the sign that always delivers and the result of deliverance is not always what we expect to receive, but what is a necessary component for us to receive. The energies are all ready to undergo a major shift this full moon falling in Scorpion.

9. After Effects

After Effects

As the Full Moon energy will begin to fade, you will find yourself on the road where you will have a clear perspective and you will know what lies ahead for you. Mercury and Venus, that have been in retrograde will also speed up, thus hastening the process, in a positive manner, of course.

10. This Full Moon dark will be lit up

This Full Moon dark will be lit up

A Full Moon in Scorpio lights up the dark and will help us see with clarity and light things that we have been missing. It will throw light on the darkest aspects of your life that have made you question yourself and the past and as the four planets have been in retrograde this will prove beneficial.

11. The Powerful Energies

The Powerful Energies

This full moon will create a havoc inside of you, as everything will be like a movement inside of you, it will be akin to stirring. This is also a new level of the conscious portal opening within yourself to take up new learning endeavour.

12. Reaching Out To Your Spirit Guides

Reaching Out To Your Spirit Guides

Full Moon symbolises growth, thus this full moon reaching out to your soul group, your spirit team and your angels will help widen your horizons and in addition will akin to a boon for your conscious level.

13. Powerful Full Moon

Powerful Full Moon

Many astrologers and ancient cultures have a firm believe that Full Moon falling under the water sign Scorpio is most powerful for reaching out to ancient ancestors and guardian spirits. This Full Moon is great for rituals and manifestation work as well.